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Welcome to Splitvane Engineers Inc.

Engineering Specialists for Complex Fluids and Cokeless Melting

Splitvane is proud to have received a Small Business Innovation Research grant from the National Science Foundation

Splitvane receives the top two awards:

Reclamation selects winners of competition to develop solutions for removing sediment from reservoirs

Recipient of NSF grant for capsule pipeline technology


Providing engineering expertise for
  • Development and retrofit to mineral processing plants
  • Process and equipment retrofit engineering for oil and gas refineries
  • Custom design and testing of mechanical equipment, particularly slurry pumps
Splitvane Engineers Inc provides a clean process for melting iron and steel based on the use of coke free fuels. This leaves a positive impact on the environment and the foundry industry, serving the energy and mining sectors.

Engineering Research Lab

The Mining and Dredging Industry, Off Shore Technology are large consumers of wear resistant castings. Splitvane offers expertise in wear associated with slurry flows. The lab is used to pump slurry , confirm rheology, slurry ablation in the pipeline and wear of pipes, valves and pumps. Improvements can then be offered to our customers, as improved hydraulics or wear resistance. Special alloys are cast in the foundry.

vanesThe technology of the Splitvane Impeller is based on improving slurry pump performance through alternating primary and smaller secondary vanes. It leads to improved performance and reduced slip and recirculation.

Splitvane Headquarters

About Splitvane


Splitvane offers custom engineering for mineral processing, metal melting and smelting.

Engineering expertise is offered to oil refineries to modify or retrofit fired heaters.

A demonstration foundry was built on the principle of cokeless melting of iron and scrap steel.

Our Clients

Direct or under contract clients have included

  • SRK Canada, USA, Peru
  • ICPE
  • Hatch
  • ERM
  • Various  phosphate, copper and gold mines, as well as at the oil refineries