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Long-Distance Transport of Mineral Concentrate by Hydraulic Capsule Pipeline

Baha Abulnaga, P.E.
Capsule and Slurry Pipeline Research Lab

Mineral Concentrate is transported over hundreds of kilometers using slurry at a maximum volume concentration of 35%.

One method for reducing further the volume of water consists of encapsulating filtered concentrate first in plastic capsules before sending into the pipeline.

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Concept Description

An innovative approach is offered by Splitvane Engineers Inc, to send concentrate into filled capsules through a pipeline, called Hydraulic Capsule Pipeline (HCP).

Capsules occupy 85% of the pipeline. By comparison with slurry pipelines, the capsule pipeline results in

  • important reduction of water
  • important reduction of consumed power
  • use of high pressure water pumps instead of slurry pumps up to 2500 psi
  • elimination of wear of pipeline
  • substantial simplification of maintenance
  • in case of pipeline rupture, slurry remains in sealed capsule and the only discharge
  • to the environment is water not slurry
  • capsules are re-usable or can be transported further by truck or ship to refinery or smelter

Baha Abulnaga was selected in 2019 as top winner in a competition to develop new technologies for removal of sediments from water reservoirs organized by the US Bureau of Land reclamation.

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