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Optimizing Tacit Efficiency at Low Emissions

The Splitvane Twin Chamber Cokeless Furnace consists of two interconnecting chambers:

  • an upper chamber for melting and charging

The upper chamber is inclined with respect to the horizontal to support the charge in a solid form but allow flow in a liquid melt.
– no cooling grates are needed to support the charge
– expensive ceramic balls are eliminated
– there is no need to install an external furnace for duplexing
– the burner features swirling vanes to minimize NOx emissions

  • a lower chamber for alloying and refining

Side ports are provided in the lower chamber for alloying and refining and oxygen lancing.

Flue gases are directed to a recuperator to preheat combustion air , improving thermal efficiency while reducing emissions of carbon monoxide.

gas train
The gas train to operate the cokeless furnace is engineered to meet the requirements of the National Fire Protection Association.